Administration Management as a Service

At OffEasy, we take care of all your administrative duties in the areas of operations, HR and workplace, so that you can focus only on growing your business

The OffEasy advantage


We combine our experience in leading with startups best practices, together with a set of advanced tools to streamline your office operations, and enhancing your team productivity.

Risk Minimization

Our extensive experience enables us to foresee potential risks in taxational, privacy, laboral laws, and more, and work on implementing preventive measures.

Cost Effectiveness

Designed with budget-conscious startups in mind. We optimize operations and minimize risks, to help you avoid costly mistakes, providing superior value for your investment.

Escape the
admin trap

Startup CEOs and COOs often find themselves burdened by the countless administrative tasks necessary for running a business, hindering their focus on the core objectives of their business.

Elevate your team’s focus

Our Administrative Management as a Service (AMaaS) system is specifically designed to relieve these responsibilities.

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What sets us apart?

More than 10 years of experience in serial entrepreneurship and administrative management of startups.